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Political & Business Risk Assessment

Global Trade Shield is a leading provider in Asia of comprehensive business risk solutions including the strategic management of intellectual property, pre-employment screening, due diligence, business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, crisis containment and recovery services.

Our Expertise

Global Trade Shield undertakes highly discreet investigations, uncovers solid intelligence and provides value-added analysis to help decision-makers understand and mitigate risk, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities. Our team is comprised seasoned professionals drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism, all are trained to be compliant with legal, ethical, and anti-corruption standards.

Political & Business Risk

Political risk is a continuing danger to multi-national companies operating globally. It may reveal itself as political instability, military conflict, terrorism, a coup, expropriation of assets, trade frictions between countries or major shift in domestic policy. To understand and mitigate these risks GTS can supply our clients with detailed and accurate political and business risk assessments that meet the requirements of corporate decision makers.

Whether you are an investor, trader, insurer or business executive seeking to enter into an unfamiliar country, or even if you already have a well-established presence, understanding the political and business environment in which you are operating or about to invest can be vital to the success of your objectives. It is a well-known fact that many governments have their own agenda and will often manipulate the real political, economic, business and social dynamics within their country however the actual “on-the-ground “facts can be significantly different from what appears in the official message or media. An independent risk assessment is therefore vital to identify facts and insight from propaganda and manipulated news.

Political and Business Risk Assessments

If conducted at the early stages political and business risk assessments can save valuable time and costs and are better able to identify issues that should to be addressed before a company commits resources to proceed with the venture. Our assessments can also be used to decide if insurance coverage is required to mitigate potential risks, such as the imposition of foreign currency controls or the cancellation of operating licenses, among others.

GTS has a deep understanding of the Asia region and offers a variety of political and business risk assessment services depending on the needs of our clients. These include detailed country reports that can be updated regularly if required, as well as specific industry or broader regional Geo-strategic analyses. We work closely with clients to identify their near term and long-term requirements.

Our political and business risk assessment capability can be classified into three broad categories:

Macro-level issues

Including -political, economic, regulatory, national security (including crime and terrorism), diplomatic, legal, social, labor and other concerns that could affect the overall operating environment.

Specific business and transaction related issues

Including-risks related to the confiscation, appropriation or nationalization of assets, trade-related disputes, government interference, corruption, labor unrest, and other matters that have a direct impact on business operations.

Micro-level issues

Including-political, economic, social, public order, environmental and other matters related to the specific local areas or economic sectors in which a client’s operations are or will be located.

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