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Investigative Due Diligence & 3rd Party Vendor Screening

Global Trade Shield is a leading provider of comprehensive business risk solutions including the strategic management of intellectual property, due diligence and other business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, crisis containment and recovery services in South East Asia

Our Expertise

Global Trade Shield undertakes highly discreet investigations, uncovers solid intelligence and provides value-added analysis to help decision-makers understand and mitigate risk, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities. Our team is comprised seasoned professionals drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism, all are trained to be compliant with legal, ethical, and anti-corruption standards.

Investigative Due Diligence & Third-Party Vendor Screening

In a global business environment, the need to know your business partner or vendor is more vital than ever. Investigative Due Diligence and Third-Party Screening is a must to ensure your business is protected from risks posed by dishonest potential business partners and local – international compliance requirements. Essentially Due Diligence and Vendor Screening identifies “off-balance sheet risk” or other business risks that are not visible or obvious from financial, legal reviews or simple “desk top” research. The Global Trade Shield approach focuses on key people and the entities involved in a given transaction or partnership, we look into their background, reputation, track record, business operations, and litigation history, using legal and ethical fact-finding processes.

Global Trade Shield Services Include

  • Real corporate structure

  • Actual operating capabilities

  • History and background of the company & reputation with associated entities e.g. suppliers, employees, trade unions

  • Reputation within its industry e.g. competitors, government regulatory agencies

  • Background of senior management

  • Reputation of the principals with employees, competitors, regulatory agencies and customers

  • Litigation history of the company and its senior managers

  • Past or ongoing labor or environmental issues, e.g. history of strikes, disputes, local government concerns

  • Previous contentious deals

  • Accuracy of on-boarding information supplied at commencement of relationship

  • Strength of internal company ethics and compliance protocols

  • Any bribery or corruption related concerns

  • Any regulatory issues that could impact upon the relationship

  • Discreet vendor audits to ensure third party agents are conforming to bribery and anti-corruption practices during operations

  • Industry surveys

Global Trade Shield Experience

Our Approach

Global Trade Shield’s due diligence and compliance services involve the overt or discreet collection, collation and analysis of intelligence from a wide range of diverse and reliable sources .Experience has shown us that starting with information within the public domain , including online resources, media, public records and corporate filings by our experienced team of researchers is the most efficient and cost effective approach , and then conducting overt discreet inquiries to verify and add to the investigative research results. We will always seek to corroborate negative information and rarely will rely upon a single information source when drawing our conclusions.
It is important to highlight that Global Trade Shield undertakes to ensure that all inquiries, whether research related or overt will always be conducted ethically and in full compliance with applicable laws.

Our Experience

Global Trade Shield has undertaken numerous due diligence investigations across the S.E Asia region for a wide variety of clients, many of whom are Fortune 100 companies.

We have also continued to be employed to conduct 3rd party vendor compliance investigations in many countries around the region by companies whose operations are truly global.

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