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Employee Integrity Services

Global Trade Shield is a leading provider in South East Asia of comprehensive business risk solutions including the strategic management of intellectual property, pre-employment screening, due diligence, business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, crisis containment and recovery service.

Our Expertise

Global Trade Shield undertakes highly discreet investigations, uncovers solid intelligence and provides value-added analysis to help decision-makers understand and mitigate risk, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities. Our team is comprised seasoned professionals drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism, all are trained to be compliant with legal, ethical, and anti-corruption standards.

Employee in Investigations

GTS Employee Integrity Services are designed to assist companies select the most suitable candidates by ascertaining genuine qualifications and experience as well as assessing reputations and work history. Our objective is to protect our client’s assets and information against fraudsters and unscrupulous competitors; protect existing employees from unsuitable co-workers and safeguard our client’s reputation.

Scope of Investigations

We conduct employee, potential employee and promotion candidate background investigations. The scope and depth of our screening can be tailored to the importance or sensitivity of the job position. Our objective is to verify data provided by an applicant and to check for criminality, corruption, undesirable associations, bankruptcy, and other negative information to allow our client to make an informed decision on the potential hire or promotion.
All our screening inquiries are conducted ethically and in full compliance with applicable laws

Global Trade Shield Levels of Employee Screening

Category 1: Basic Investigation

GTS verifies identity and residential status and conducts civil litigation and other checks to identify potential criminal associations. Suitable for lower level employees who are not likely to be involved with day-to-day handling of the company’s proprietary information, accounts, R & D work etc.

Category 2 : In-depth Investigation

GTS will verify data on CV and job application forms, check previous employment history and conducts discreet inquiries as regards activities, lifestyle, integrity, reputation and associations. Suitable for low level management and individuals that will have responsibility for managing junior staff and or have limited access to the company’s proprietary information, accounts, R & D work etc.

Category 3 : Comprehensive

Multi-Jurisdiction Investigation. This is a more in-depth GTS background investigation. It applies to investigations into management candidates who may have held middle or senior management positions in a number of companies in different countries and combines the services of Category 2 with additional in-depth discreet inquiries into a candidate’s overall and professional reputation.

Employee Ethics Hotline

GTS has experience in developing and managing an Employee Ethics Hotline that supports written or verbal complaints from anonymous or named parties regarding alleged unethical practices on the part of a company’s staff or business associates.

The overall aim of the Ethics Hotline is to facilitate confidential communication using the hotline number for staff, customers, suppliers, distributors, and possibly the wider public as a channel to report unethical conduct. After a hotline complaint is received, trained GTS operatives submit a report to whoever is nominated within the company to handle such matters within 24-hours of receipt. We also prepare regular summaries of the complaints received for scrutiny by senior management.

As the ethics hotline data grows GTS is positioned to provide meaningful analysis, including graphical depictions of complaint trends to assist management understand the most
problematic operations and staff, which type of complaints are most frequent and other classifications of the data. In
our experience, we have found such analysis can be a valuable proactive tool in assessing a company’s compliance and regulatory problems

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