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Corporate Intelligence

Global Trade Shield is a leading provider of comprehensive business risk solutions including the strategic management of intellectual property, due diligence and other business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, crisis containment and recovery services in South East Asia.

Our Expertise

Global Trade Shield undertakes highly discreet investigations, uncovers solid intelligence and provides value-added analysis to help decision-makers understand and mitigate risk, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities. Our team is comprised seasoned professionals drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism, all are trained to be compliant with legal, ethical, and anti-corruption standards.

Corporate Intelligence Issues

Companies, irrespective of size, periodically face the unnerving task of dealing with malicious complaints or other allegations of wrong doing. Such unwelcome news can occur at any time and target anybody in the business. However, many companies lack the resources to thoroughly investigate or mitigate the risks or potential damage such incidents can cause. Indeed, the allegation may be such that an in-house investigation is not appropriate and would attract additional allegations of biasness or protectionism. In such situations companies are often under the spotlight, and demonstrating good corporate governance is a high priority to avoid regulatory scrutiny. When executives or their legal counsel need to resolve a rumor, an allegation or establish the facts surrounding an incident, GTS can bring extensive experience and a perceptive understanding of the Asian business environment to support our clients by decisively responding to their issues.

All work conducted on behalf of our clients is conducted ethically and in full compliance with local and international laws GTS offers a range of tailor-made corporate investigative services, including:

Conflict of Interest Investigations

If a company is faced with allegations that employees have external, undisclosed business interests or relationships that pose a real or potential conflict of interest to their corporate responsibilities, GTS is well placed to conduct discreet inquiries and fact-gathering using only legal and ethical techniques. All Information is gathered and presented to the client to facilitate a business decision regarding the future of an employee, department or operational process, and to evaluate any damage to the corporation.

Investigations into Intellectual Property Lose

For many companies, its prime asset is intellectual capital. Theft or diversion of intellectual property, such as designs, processes, pricing information or customer data can seriously impact a company’s business, profitability and competitive advantage. GTS has experience revealed such intellectual property theft has involved a competitor who has engaged in corporate espionage or similar.

Commercial Disputes

With the advance of globalization, lengthy supply chains and strategic partnerships companies are now working with a broader range of partners, many of whom they may never have meet. Disputes are therefore inevitable. Companies often face the difficulty of obtaining information and intelligence to provide support in dispute negotiations with a counter party that has operations in a completely different geography. GTS operates throughout the S.E Asia region and can provide clients with seamless fact-finding capabilities to support their critical information needs.

Commercial Bribery Allegations

Sadly, in many parts of the world graft is still endemic, whilst in others it is subtler and hidden from view. Our investigators are capable of undertaking detailed inquiries when there are such suspicions or allegations. Corruption activity often initially involve two happy sides and therefore uncovering evidence requires in-depth industry knowledge, investigative experience and a capability to work in a variety of jurisdictions whilst producing the necessary evidence and reports to address the relevant issues. Such an approach may include gaining the cooperation of government agencies and understanding cultural nuances. GTS’s experience enables us to demonstrate a wide range of investigative strategies and solutions to management to support sound decision making.

Alleged Unfair Dismissals or Harassment Investigations

Allegations of unfair dismissal or harassment must be handled promptly and sensitively. Investigation of sexual harassment allegations, in particular, must always be conducted by an independent party that can be trusted by both the accuser and the accused. GTS can provide that independence and trust. Using seasoned investigators, local language skills and cultural sensitivity, GTS gathers, evaluates and documents the facts so that management can make appropriate decisions.

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