Global Trade Shield undertakes sophisticated investigations, uncovers actionable intelligence and performs value-added analysis to help decision-makers address and mitigate risk, protect assets, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities in the South-East Asia region.


Our team is comprised seasoned multi-lingual professionals drawn from backgrounds in senior law enforcement, intelligence, the legal profession, academic and economic research and investigative journalism.In todays globalized economy, the theft of Intellectual Property (IP) has evolved into a major transnational problem supporting organized crime and terrorist networks and is now considered by many governments and their law enforcement agencies as a major crime problem. Counterfeiting dilutes both brand equity and the profitability of large and small multinationals. Many corporations take years to build a reputable brand and counterfeiting and other forms of brand attacks can threaten the very lifeblood of a business and increases reputational risk, this is especially true when a company’s products have health and safety concerns . However, it is a fact that many government enforcement agencies still rely heavily on the brand owners themselves to develop the evidence they need to facilitate enforcement and prosecution.


Global Trade Shield has learnt that Brand Protection requires a multi-faceted strategic approach combining both prevention and response; internal and external measures to protect the company’s intellectual assets. Global Trade Shield has spent a number of years developing a capability to create customized solutions and deliver strategic advice and tactical operations wherever counterfeiting is uncovered, all designed to support government enforcement actions whenever the need arises.


Global Trade Shield understands that many brand owners need to maintain a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeiting at all levels of the supply chain and that frequent raid and seizure actions are an important component. However, we also advise clients that a truly effective long-term IP enforcement programme must eventually evolve into targeting syndicated rather than stand-alone targets. We therefore focus on the development of “real actionable” intelligence and analyze how this can be used to disrupt
manufacturing and the counterfeit product supply chains.


  • Market surveys, target identifcation and enforcement actions
  • Strategic and tactical brand integrity investigations
  • Cross border investigations and enforcement coordination
  • Strategic assessment and market penetration studies
  • IP due diligence into suppliers, distributors & third-party manufacturers
  • Anti-counterfeit information collation and database management
  • E–commerce investigation and take-downs measures
  • Customs liaison, coordination and cross-border protection programmes
  • Microscopic analysis and comparison of sample fake products to identify common manufacturing sources.
  • IP related criminal and civil litigation legal support services and litigation intelligence gathering
  • Detailed market reports to support client lobbying efforts


Currently we are engaged by several luxury brand owners on a long term programme with the Malaysian Customs to provide actionable intelligence to allow the identification and seizure of large scale shipments of counterfeit goods heading
for the export market.

We have been engaged by a leading pharmaceutical client to develop intelligence and identify targets involved in the production and sale of one of their leading drug products, which to date has resulted in numerous raid actions in S.E Asia countries.

A client has long been concerned regarding the issue of high quality counterfeit baby formulae products bearing their trademarks entering the market. We have been engaged to develop intelligence and evidence against the main operators and are now working with enforcement agencies to interdict the syndicates activities.

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