On the 26th of July 2017, Global Trade Shield (GTS) organized a counterfeit product training seminar for several Malaysian government enforcement agencies at the Crown Garden Hotel in Kota Baharu, Kelantan. The agencies participating included MDTCC, Marine Police, Royal Malaysian Customs and the newly formed Border Control Agency. The training was designed to assist the authorities tackle the movement of fake goods that are entering Malaysia from Thailand The vast border between Thailand and Malaysia has been a challenge for the authorities in curbing smuggling activities. The routes known as ‘lorong tikus’ in the local language which translates to ‘Rat Tunnels’ are known to be active throughout the border and used by syndicates to smuggle not only counterfeit goods but also human trafficking, drugs and other contraband. GTS provided training material to help the authorities distinguish counterfeit products from authentic, understand the packaging, typical shipping and supply chain routes, product concealment tactics and so on. This is the first time GTS has conducted multi agency training in Kota Baharu.  The event was led by MDTCC Director General Dato’Abdul Ghani who stated in his opening remarks that such training and cooperation between government agencies and brand owners was vital in suppressing the smuggling of counterfeit goods into the country. The MDTCC are also looking at working together with the armed forces to help combat the problem.
Ray Patrick, GTS Managing Director and co-organizer of the event stated “
the training session was highly beneficial for the participants, GTS is committed to assisting government agencies fight the counterfeiting trade and we look forward to the next training event in two months’ time “.